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how to make selections "stick" ? Any tips?


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I have a lot of trouble getting Retrospect to keep my choices (largely due to the fact there is no "OK" button or anything like that to hit when you want to input a selection). Often when I am working with the radio buttons in the Media Set choices (grooming choices, etc.) I make my selection and then when I come back later it has reverted to its earlier setting.


Is there any way anyone has found to make the choices "stick"? I can't find a pattern, and it is driving me crazy.

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We originally had a lot of problems getting settings, scripts, etc., to stick after first installing Retro 8.2. What improved matters greatly for us was uninstalling and reinstalling both the console and engine while retaining the same configuration file that stores all the settings information. (That file is called Config80.dat, and it's located at /Library/Application Support/Retrospect.)


There are still sometimes delays before a change will be saved in Config80.dat, which seems to be how the program is designed. Opening and closing the Retrospect preferences typically will force an immediate update to Config80. You can verify the modification date and time of this file in Finder.

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I will probably try the suggestion of reinstalling things this weekend. In the short term, this seems to make it work for us.


Goal: Change the value of "Groom to keep this number of backups" in a media set from 10 to 2.


Solution: Change all media sets to the "No grooming" option. Open and close Retrospect Preferences between each media set to force write of preferences (oddest "OK" button ever). Next, while "No grooming" radio button is still selected, change value in "Groom to keep this number of backups" from 10 to 2. Press enter twice to make the cursor disappear. Next, choose the radio button for "Groom to keep this number of backups." FInally, change the option for remembering password to another value (to be hopefully changed back later). Open and close Retrospect Preferences to force a write to the prefs file. Repeat.


I have 32 media sets so this is a pain, but it is the only way I found for this installation at least to make these choices stuck.

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I find changing the number of backups to groom works best if:


1) No other activities are going on


2) You give it *time* to do this. When you reduce the number of backups to groom, this touches the catalog file because it has to modify the catalog file to only show you the number of Past Backups visible after you make that change.


But, usually *reducing* the number of past backups to keep goes pretty quick (at least it does here when I've done it recently.) Increasing the number -- assuming no groom has been run) takes longer as it has to search the media set for the snapshots to readd them to the catalog.


Meaning if I had a set set for 50 and reduce it to 10, it goes fairly quick, but if I then return it to 50, it takes a while (sometimes more than an hour depending on how many sources are in the set...)


From what I've been able to observe, while the selection of the grooming changes *is* a preference, the actions taken after you make that change require you wait for the catalog to be modified.

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