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Peaceful coexistence of Retrospect 6 and 8 on same server?


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Can Retrospect 6.1 and 8.2 coexist on the same system? I am currently upgrading a customer's 2.8GHz Quad Intel Xserve running Server 10.5.8 to Retrospect 8.2. I'd like to keep 6 around to occasionally restore files that have been moved off of one of the client systems. I found out the hard way that the Retrospect Engine had to be turned off for 6 to recognize the tape drive (AIT-1 Turbo) since 6 couldn't do it's backup last night (is this a bug??). Am I going to be stuck with having to turn off the Retro 8 Engine when I want to use 6? The customer keeps the backup sets for 3 years before recycling the tapes and there are about 15 - 18 tapes generated per year. I'm not sure that it's worth the effort to convert the R6 backup sets to 8 since we may only restore a couple of files every two weeks or so.

Comments, ideas??

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As you've discovered, although the two versions can happily be installed on the same server, they cannot be active at the same time with a tape drive, as each will want to monopolize control of the drive.


Only you and your customer can decide in your case which is the greater hassle. However, for my money, I'd definitely choose to stop and start the engine occasionally so as to avoid having to perform a time-consuming rebuild of a v8 catalog from v6 tapes.

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