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How do I fix Error -1104 ( device not ready)?


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I have just upgraded to Retrospect Professional 7.7.341 (64-bit) on my new Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit PC and I am trying to run my first 'Duplicate' session in this new environment, duplicating a folder on the PC to an external hard disk. Previously I was running Retrospect Professional 7 under Windows XP and had no problems in duplicating a similar folder to the same external disk.


Unfortunately, the duplication session fails just a few seconds after starting. The session log information is shown below.


The log implies that the external drive is not ready to accept the writing of files. This is difficult to understand as my Retrospect session was preceded with some folder renaming on the disk using Windows Explorer, which worked fine. However, Retrospect does trigger an unexpected AutoPlay dialogue box every time I try to run the duplication.


Needless to say, the Help in Retrospect lists nothing for this error code. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?






+ Executing Immediate Duplicate at 28/12/2010 11:29

To volume My Pictures - DUPLICATE B on LaCie750 DiskB (L:)...


- 28/12/2010 11:29:40: Copying My Pictures on MyData1 (G:)

File "G:\My Pictures\Archive\Derivatives\DERIV_003\DCA_100616_9789 - 16E4.tif": can't write, error -1104 ( device not ready)

Trouble writing files, error -1104 ( device not ready)

28/12/2010 11:29:49: Execution incomplete

Remaining: 4317 files, 17.1 GB

Completed: 1 files, 138.2 MB

Performance: 1036.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:00:08



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