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Mac clients with 6.3.029 on 6.1.230 server

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PowerMac G5/1.8GHz/4 GB RAM

Mac OS X.5.8 Server

Retrospect 6.1.230



PowerMac G5s, Mac Pros, iMacs.

Mac OS X.5.8

Retrospect client 6.3.029


A client of ours had previously upgraded to Retrospect 8.2 expecting to backup new Snow Leopard clients on their server (per above). They upgraded all the clients to the 8.2 preferred version (6.3.029) and that worked fine except for speed/performance, which was understandably abysmal.


We've come up with a solution to take care of the Snow Leopard Mac clients and have returned to Retrospect 6.1.230 on the server. However the clients have all been upgraded to 6.3.029. Are there any issues with the clients using version 6.3.029 with Server 6.1.230? Or do we have to remove them all and reinstall the older preferred version (6.2.234)?


Please advise...thanks!

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