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Can't add own iMac


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Just moved from v6 to v8.2.0 (399). I am still trying to move through the setup steps. Have 3-User Lic. Have added 2 other Macs successfully, but when I key in my own iMac as the 3rd allowable user, it is saying "not licensed..."

Have checked the IP address via the built-in pinger. Wondering what it's tripping up on.

I'll get used to the GUI, but v6 was very straightforward in comparison. Shall continue tinkering.

I post with some trepidation, as I was treated to some gratuitous nastiness, or so I thought, by a Mod here some time back. I'm an 'older' person, not completely numbskulled, as I survive in digital prepress, but backup/setup is an occasional thing which lacks familiarity, especially with an upgraded bed-in.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

I have emailed the User Manual home so I can have a look on the weekend. :happy:

...we have just migrated from G5s to Intel Macs, so this is part of the 'pain'... ;)

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OK, just found it, I guess..."Local" Tab. That makes the 3 allowable. In v6 they were in the same window... (-:

Am guessing this is cause of message. Does it automatically add machine which has the server, (and a Client)?

Wading through the menus continues...

Half hour later...looks like I'm set up. Shall see Monday morning how things ran. Posted early due to 'nerves'. :laugh:

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