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Exporting settings to move to another computer?


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You haven't provided the specifics of your environment (Windows version, Retrospect version, etc.), so it's not possible to give you a "cookbook" answer that would work in your setting.


However, the answers to your questions are yes (it's possible) and no (you don't have to set it all up again). It's even documented.


See, for example, page 272 ("Moving Retrospect") of the Retrospect Windows User's Guide. Here's the link:

Retrospect Windows Users Guide



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This particular topic has cropped up again and again over the years. The magic phrase to remember is "Moving Retrospect" - that's the only clue in the User's Guide index, unless you have a photographic memory and can recall every page of the manual (I don't and can't).


I seem to recall that the needed files are in different places for W95, XP, Vista, and W7. There was either an email post on the retro-talk list or in these forums a year or two back by one of the Retrospect people, giving the exact search order of where Retrospect looks for the various files. Sometimes it gets confusing if there are multiple copies of the files floating around, figuring out just which one is being used.



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