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Rules - not able to select 'All'


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Retrospect 8.2.399


I am trying to setup a Rule, I want to Ignore:

All Movie files Larger than 100meg


to this end I have created a Rule :

Movies - defined as :

ANY filename ending in:

.mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .bin, .avi -etc etc


I want to create another Rule :

Large Movies - defined as:

ALL Following definitions:


File Size > 100 meg


When I try to Select the "ALL" option form the menu "All None Any" - the selected item returns to "ANY".


has anyone else seen this? is there something I should/not be doing?


I have quit the Console and restarted it - no change in behavior.


Thanks for any help





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At many levels, this is non-intuitive but the following should work...


In your second rule, hold down the "option" key when clicking on the "+" in the initial "Any" line -- this will change it to "..."


From there, you can make an "All" section to include your saved rule and the additional 100M limit. So it would look like:


Any of the following are true

---All of the following are true

------Saved rule includes

------File size



It's never been clear to many of us why the *initial* "All" can't be selected unless it's by design at this point.

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I think I get why they are doing it that way.


Say you want a rule that basically says to exclude (in one rule): all files ending in .mov and greater than 100M *AND* all files ending in .mpg and smaller than 100M



You couldn't do this if you started with "ALL" at the top.


You'd have to start with an "ANY" at the top and then two sets of "ALL" groups.


So, I'm fairly sure this is "by design" and you just have to consider the logic behind it. (But, if that's the case, they shouldn't give you a choice at the top level...)

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