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Fast catalog rebuild

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I have not tried this in 8.2 however I know that in 6.1 that even after finishing the final member of a media set it would still ask you if there are any other members at which point you click No.

When you say first tape are referring to tape number 1 of the media set or the first tape requested? If the latter and it was the last tape of the media set then I would say this is normal behavior since a backup set may have been recycled and there maybe actually more members that have not been used yet that contain data.

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Sorry, to clarify, the first tape inserted was the latest tape in the set. According to the user guide when fast catalogue rebuild is checked a catalogue is written to the start of each tape so that the whole set isn't required. Maybe it has worked then. I'll try and recover some older files tomorrow when I'm back in the office and report back. At any rate the guide is a little lacking.


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