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Incredible long time to complete

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I have set up a Retrospect to backup a customer's Mac being used as a 'server' each day. In the first week it backed up the 18Gb of info as expected, taking a consistent couple of hours for each M-F tape.


Week 2 was the start of the incrementals, and backup time varied enormously. I know Retrospect has to check the tape, compare and copy the differences, but this is weird (to me): first day 31 files 109Mb in 2mins (no errors), second day 32 files 110Mb in 13.5 hrs (there was a -43 error relating to a file in Network trash), third day 30 files, 112Mb 10hrs (no errors), fourth day 39 files 116Mb 2.5 mins (no errors), fifth day 36 files, 18Mb 2 mins (no errors), sixth day (over a weekend) 24 files, 17Mb 60.25 hours! (11 -43 errors).


Is this normal behaviour, or do I have a problem? Obviously -43 errors cause a significant increase in backup times - how can they be avoided? Does Retrospect sit and stew over a file for hours before deciding and posting a -43 error and moving on, and if so, can this be avoided?

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