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OEM Express Error 1128 Path too long on Restore


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It is now May, 2010. I'm using OEM (Western Digital) Express, which seems to be the latest free version available to me. I am restoring a backup of files from an XP machine using a Win 7 machine, but I don't think that's the problem. Restore logs the 1128 error for many files, and skips some files for which it doesn't report the error.


I see this problem has been reported many times for many years using many versions of Retrospect with various OS's. It's not an OS problem. It's an application bug.


This is a critical bug, because backup software that won't restore is useless. By the way, I have 15 years professional work experience in computer programming. If you care about your company's reputation, I suggest you get this corrected, and into the field for all your users right away. Sincerely.

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