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Copying a backup disk

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I have backed up three home computers (2 with clients)to a 300GB USB external drive for some time and space on the drive is getting short.


I've now purchased a 1.5TB drive and copied everything from the 300GB drive onto it.


I had expected to be able to continue backing up as usual, but with the 1.5TB drive connected. However it doesn't work, even though I've also renamed the new drive to the name of the old drive.


I'm no Retrospect expert and find the terminology confusing.

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Hi Jeff,


What do you mean by "it doesn't work"? I guess Retrospect complains that "Backup set memember is missing", right?


If yes, I have the following suggestions:

First, you should ensure the drive letter is identical after the replacement.


Second, if Retrospect still complains "memeber missing", Configure->Backup Sets->Properties...->Members->OK (with nothing change)








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Hi Xianfeng,


Thanks but I'd tried that.


However, in the last hour I've found the solution, and I've just logged on to report that.


I emptied the target disk and then used the "Tools/Transfer Backup Sets" command to do the copy. I had to invent a new backup set name and change my backup script to use the new one, but that was no problem.


Now everything works just fine using the new disk. I've done both a retrieval and a backup successfully as tests.





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