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7.7 "not enough resources" problem

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Since updating from 7.6 - 7.7.208(32 bit) Driver Update and Hotifx I'm getting "Trouble reading files, error -1019 ( not enough resources)" errors. Please note that the server being backed up has already had the registry fixes applied for this issue years ago and has been successfully backed up for years with 7.6.


The issue always seems to occur after backing up about 267600 files. All remaining files report the same issue until the next backup source in the backup set is started at which point it continues to backup properly.


If there isn't a fix, can you describe how to downgrade back to 7.6 please?



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There's no automated downgrade path, just uninstall 7.7, reinstall 7.6 and copy your configuration files back over (assuming you backed them up). You also then need to rebuild all of your backup sets as 7.7 would have 'updated' them for you.


I have already rolled back to 7.6 as 7.7 was terrible.


Not aware of the 'not enough resources' problem as such, but the matching and proactive issues were enough to make the product unusable.



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There's a thread about it somewhere. There's a bug which stops proactive machines being scheduled properly. i.e. if a backup fails and is set to retry then the proactive backup start at the top of the list again (rather than skipping to the next one).


Ahh, here you go: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/33103/



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