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Restoring BootCamp info from Backup - how to?

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I think I made a big mistake when choosing Retrospect8 as my backup-program, because I am clearly not equipped to use it.

However, I have, and now need to use what I have done - only I need help.



MacBookPro stopped sending info to screen and external-screen 'port'. Would/will work as external firewire disk, but not as startup disk.

I borrowed a MacBookPro and found that my retrospect 6 (duplicate) lacked files and could not boot. My retrospect 8 (copy) could not boot. The forum users had advised that other programs designed for making bootable clones should be used: I bought and made regular SuperDuper clones, alongside with retrospect 8 backups. The superduper clone would not boot. I downloaded carbon copy cloner, made a clone and it worked well till the MacBook Pro replacement arrived.

I migrated information using migration assistant, no hitches.



I had/ve a Bootcamp partition with windows XP on the MacBook Pro which now will only work as harddisk.

Before the screen connection broke, I used Retrospect to - I think backup, but it could be copy - the BootCamp partition several times, the final one a month before the breakdown.

I made a BootCamp partition on the new MacBook Pro.

Apples migration assistant does not migrate the Windows partition, but it seems to me - am I being naive here? - that my Retrospect generated information should be copy-back'able.


I open Retrospect 8 (and reinsert the registration/License number) and can see both the partition I want to restore and the folder containing the information. I click restore, select 'restore an entire source volume...' and click continue. And an empty window opens.


I can't figure out how to do it.

I've tried this and that clicking and exploring - but I don't even know what type of file extension I am looking for!


In the browse window I see




and the folder Retrospect

In that I see

The folder BootCampTeraDisc2SetA

EMC - a 0 k file

In the folder I see

The folder 1-BootCampTeraDisc2SetA

And in that I see





(on up to 32).


That means the info is there, right?


I would be eternally grateful if someone could point me to a show-and-click instruction for restoring my Fat32 formatted BootCamp partition with this info stored on a Fat32 formatted external WD drive. Or make other useful suggestions....


I'm kind of up the creek.




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