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quits out of program while backing up

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Did just the *console* quit? Or did the engine crash?


If the engine crashed, you should see if you can reproduce the crash, and, if so, send a copy of your crash log to EMC.



If just the console crashed, there's usually (but not always) an "assert.log" in the /library/application support/retrospect directory that you can also send to EMC.



But, if it was me, I'd try to reproduce the crash first...


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I had been backing up all day and have copied around 280gb for the program to just quit


randomly the box is still working (making correct noises) and backing up!


I have opened up retrospect again and it looks like it is continuing with the backup!


Can someone explain why this is quitting and will the backup work?! Its very important that it works as ive got lots of media to back up

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Well, that's about all you can do because you haven't provided sufficient details for anyone to help?!


If you expect help, you need to provide:


Version of Retrospect engine (8.x.x) and Retrospect console (8.x.x);


Whether Retrospect engine and console are running on the same machine;


Version of Mac OS (10.x.x) and flavor (Server or Non-Server) on the machine(s) running Retrospect engine and console (if different);


Architecture (Intel or PPC) of the computers involved;


The type(s) of backups you are doing (tape, disk, etc.);


Exactly what you are doing when the "crashing" occurs, and the symptoms of the "crashing";


Whether there are any crash logs, the information from those logs, etc.


Steps you have taken to troubleshoot, whether the problem is reproducible, steps to reproduce, etc.


In other words, the basics of any bug report.



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Apologies, I had this thrown upon me yesterday with no help offered so excuse my lack of knowledge


so retrospect is version 8.1...Not sure where you find engine & console info as we are using a trial version at the moment & just clicked on the retrospect logo to start up.


We are running a Quantum LTO-3 tape backup system on Mac OS (10.5.8)


Everything has been installed from the trial package onto one computer. We haven't been running it over server.


Architecture is intel


It was actually backing up like it had been for hours before hand when it crashed


Could you tell me where I would find the crash logs!?


In terms of troubleshooting I have just restarted the program as the Quantum box was still working away


Hope that helps a bit more...again apologies for my lack of knowledge! Im actually an editor but thrown in at the deep end with this



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Crash logs for 10.5 appear in:








(under 10.6, these are in "diagnosticreports")


Also, Retrospect may generate an "assert.log" in /library/application support/retrospect.


IIRC, "assert.log" files are usually generated when the console crashes unexpectedly.



You can also open the "Console" application and search for "retrospect" -- it may tell you where the crash log was written to.



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You can also open the "Console" application and search for "retrospect" -- it may tell you where the crash log was written to.

You can also find them by name using the Terminal "locate" command:


locate retrospect

locate crashreporter

locate assert_log.utx




It helps to filter the Console assert log for lines with retrospect in them.


(i.e., a piped cat to fgrep retrospect)



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Right guys I have now installed the console on two different computers to the one that has the engine on!


I have done one test from the one computer with the console which was a complete success. I am now testing the 2nd computer as the first backup test was just of the internal harddrive of the original computer - you still with me?! ....so the backup test im doing now is from an external drive attached to original


Right...I must point out that both the other computers are better! now why is the original computer crashing out?! could it have anything to do with it just not being as good?! It does easily meet the system requirements....the only thing ive noticed is that the bus speed is 1.6GB on original computer and the other two have high interconnect speeds (although not sure if that the equivalent)...


So what im asking is....why would it be working on the two other machines when they are only running the console? I can carry on doing it this way but I will probably need to use the original machine at some point when it gets busier!


Thanks in advance guys

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