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7.0 .RDB on-disk file format?

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I'm trying to recover .RDB files that were created

w/ Retrospect professional 7.0 (Disk Backup Set)

after NTFS Filesystem corruption.


It would help enormously if I knew the details of the on-disk format for the meta-data for these files.


Is this info available or is it "secret"?


I can tell from looking at .RDB files that it contains the backup set name, and it's member name at given offsets but other things would be helpful.


1. Is there a date the .RDB file was first created/last written (offset/format?)

2. Is there a footer at the end of the file I can identify?

3. Is there meta-data throught the file or just at the head (tail?)?


Any info would be very useful.

Thank you.


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There must be *someone* who knows *something* about the format of these files. I think what would be most helpful at the moment is of there is some kind of date stamp relating to the time of the backup somewhere at the beginning of the file.


A trailer or checksum would be useful as well but the date is most important at the moment because I need to disambiguate multiple files from the same backup set member.



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