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Can't retrieve data from backup set


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We have couple of single servers which seem to suffer from odd problem. According to logs, everything goes well, and we are backing up several hundred desktops. However, backup set seems to be out of sync somehow, UIR console says for every client that last time they were backed up was 18. Nov 2009. Also when browsing backup set snapshots it seems that latest timestaps are really around november 2009 as well as restore wizard only sees snapshots until that.


However, if I open session contents and see from there, I can see the latest backups and retrieve them file by file, so data is there, somewhere.


How can I restore situation where I can see and restore latest snapshots where it should be done. The user initiated restore is completely useless if it can only see backups from last year. And rebooting / restarting hasn't done anything to help.

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