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compare errors at bigger files


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we have at on SBs-Server 2003 with retrospect 7.6.123 (also tested 7.7) compare errors in the log.


23.02.2010 22:40:36: Vergleichen von Daten (D:)

Datei "D:\xxxx\xxxxx.psd": ungleich

Datei "D:\xxxx\xxxx.LDF": ungleich



one day 150, next day 10, but never the same files.


what have we tested:

- delete prefs

- create new backup set, this at other destination (a local extern firewire RAID)

- remove antivirus-Software

- memtest

- harddisk test (source: 2 different RAID1)

- search Errors in the windows-event: no errors


the server is stable, no any other problems.


what can we do?


vg jens


PS: sorry for the bad english





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What kind of verification do you use? There are two possibilities:

- media verification

- thorough verification


In my experience verification errors are to be taken seriously. There is a big chance this problem is not caused by Retrospect, but it can also be very hard to trouble shoot. It may be defective hardware causing it, or software like drivers. Because a server is a complex system of components (hard & software), tracking the problem down can be a lot of work and may require certain expertise which you might lack (no offense intended).

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Sorry for the late response, the alert does not seem to work.


We tested both possibilities for comparison, both get the error.


The expertise to search for hardware failure is present in our house, but unfortunately lacks any approach.


- No error in the log, no errors in the RAID, no errors in the Smart

- Error in Retrospect occurs to different target drives (NAS, local disk)

- All other server applications (fileserver, Exchange, CAD database) run faultlessly

- memory-test is ok




vg jens




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