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Verification: Yes or No?

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Im curious as to how many of you incorporate some sort of verification into your R8 backup scripts.


Id like to get your thoughts on the trade-off performance VS data integrity.


I don't think the R8 Getting Started Guide mentions any details on the types of verification available. Would someone care to dive into the specifics of each type please?


How many of you do a Through Verification?


How many of you do a Media Verification?


How many of you do NO verification at all?



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The only "verification" I do, is I run Disk Utility on my Backup RAID every so often to make sure there are no catalog/disk corruptions with it.


I haven't done *file* verification in years. Maybe I'm living dangerously, but I've never had a problem restoring anything with having verification turned off.


It was not worth the speed trade-off and I tested thoroughly (IMO) to confirm to myself that the data backed up was/is what it says it should be.



I only "verify" my catalog files/media sets when the log indicates problems (usually after a groom or something).

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