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Engines running but no one behind wheels.


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Suddenly Retrospect decided that i cant se shiet. I haven't been doing any config for the last month, the server has been running buy it self.


But yesterday every time i start the gui console it freezes. Sometimes i se one client and nothing more, sometimes i see all scripts but nothing else.


Any last tip before i have to redo it all?





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Sorry, vague description.. : )


Console on same machine.

Refresh in about the same time as usual, except for the missing stuff in there.

Freezes after a min or so, totally hanged.

One volume (10.4 server afp volume) is offline now that you mention it. I can't take it off Retrospect since i can't see any there...

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Yes it is, permission err.


Hangs yes, like hell. I restart the server, start console and often i can't see diddly, sometimes i can see ONE client, sometimes all scripts, always my tapebackup thou. ONCE i have seen all my sources, but i wasnt enable to delete the two that are gone now, it all froze.


All this before everything freezes, unclickable, anywere.


The engine seems to be running thou, got a lot of network traffic at the right backuptime. But whats the user when i cant use the console? Hm.


When i start the server it often hangs just before the AFP volume to be mounted so i probably got the bug.


No, i cant bring the volume back, its erased forever. : )


I really dont want to do it all over again. : /




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I finally got it, it was a client that got rouge. When i deleted the client, an OSX Server 10.5.8 that has been removed, it all worked fine again.


Strange is that the two shares, on the same server, that i have mounted via Retrospect 8, this server, is still in the sources list and obviously Retro is working so it was the client!


They are now to be removed, just to make sure..


: )


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