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Catalog Locked Mac OSX 10.6.2

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I can't get past a "Backup Set A: The catalog is locked" message when performing Immediate Backup to a Iomega StorCenter ix2 Network Hard Drive.


Details:System Configuration -- IMac and MacBook with an Apple Airport Extreme. Iomega StorCenter ix2 is wired to the Airport Extreme. Software(s) -- Mac OSx 10.6.2; Iomega Mgr; and Retrospect Express 6.1.138.


Backup steps followed:

Immediate Backup

Source - Macintosh HD

Backup Set A -- Type "File," Location storage


Log Results:

"Executing Immediate Backup at 2/6/2010 10:31 AM

Can't add to backup set -- Backup Set A: The catalog is locked."


I've followed Topic #27123 as a guide. Tried unsuccessfully to set up the Catalog A as Removable Disk. Also have rebuilt the Iomega Hard Drive as recommended in Retrospect Support.


Appreciate help!

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You will have to contact EMC Customer Service on that. These are user-to-user support forums, and I can't speak for EMC on its upgrade policies.


Here is the upgrade page, you might be able to figure it out:

Retrospect 8 upgrades


There is a line for upgrade from Express.


Just to add a little joy into your life:


(1) there is still no user manual for Retrospect 8. Over five months ago, it was "about a month" away. See: Where the @#%& is my Retrospect 8 User's Guide?


(2) No way to import settings from earlier versions of Retrospect or read backup sets made by any earlier version of Retrospect. Can't imagine why anyone would expect a backup program to be able to restore backups made by a previous version of the program....


(3) It's very buggy right now. Read the Retrospect 8 forums.



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