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NetAwakenClient, Wake-on-LAN


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Is anyone else seeing a lot of "NetAwakenClient: Sending Wake-on-LAN packet to MAC address" with Windows clients in their log? How can we prevent this from happening, while enabling power saving for clients?


I'm seeing this with Retrospect 7.7.208 (in Server 2008) during proactive backups associated with laptop clients that are away for the day. This didn't happen with Retrospect 7.6.x and the same scripts and clients. The stream of Wake-on-LAN messages won't end unless I stop script execution.


Clients are using Retro. Client for Win. 7.7.106. "Wake for network activity" in their network card drivers are selected now that it sounds like they can sleep to conserve power yet wake for a backup.


The proactive backup strategy's been great for our laptop backups since they do travel. People go to meetings, lunch, etc., and in the past had to disable NIC sleep to allow backup while they were not using their laptop. Wake-on-LAN sounded like it would increase backup efficiency while saving a little energy, but it seems to be causing problems.

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