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Optical Drive Support in 8.1.626 ?

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Does anyone know if optical drive support is enabled by default in Retrospect for Mac 8.1.626 ? It hasn't been before now but in their sales literature EMC is claiming backups possible to hard drives, Apple Super Drives, Combo Drives, etc., without any mention of the need to edit the retro.ini file... so I was just wondering if maybe this longstanding issue had finally been resolved?

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No, it hasn't been resolved. Hey, the product has only been out for over a year. Have patience.


See: EMC Retrospect 8.1 Read Me


Known issues with this release




Optical device support is deactivated in this release because of a bug in Mac OS X that prevents the Retrospect engine from sharing optical devices with other applications while it is running. Optical device support will be reactivated in a future release.

See also: Retrospect 8.x for Macintosh Optical Support



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