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Having worked with Macs since the mid-80's I've worked with most of the different versions of Retrospect up until they really started having problems with Intel Macs and R6.


A client recently asked me to provide a HD backup for 3 clients, with the added requirement that the individual backups should not be readable by the other users or by anyone who steals the HD or server.


As this was a simple setup I decided to try R8.1 as it seemed to fit the bill, but I'm now beginning to regret the decision.


I'll admit that I knew it had no manual, but the getting started guide and video's were fairly straight-forward and so I took the plunge. However, although the interface is reasonably logical the lack of a full manual is very limiting, especially when trouble-shooting.


Without wanting to waste my customers time whilst onsite, would anybody like to comment on using the Windows manual as a guide, or are there so many differences 'under the hood' that I would be chasing my tail?


I'm especially interested in the 'grooming' facility and the best way of using it so that it doesn't cause problems. Would anyone like to comment on it's use in practice with locked Media Sets.


The setup is three MBP clients running 10.5.8, and a Mac Mini running a cleaned down 10.5.8 (not OS X server). Retrospect 8.1 server (8.1.626) with 6.3.028 on the clients.


Problems so far include error -530 which I'm going in tomorrow to fix with some of the suggestions from this forum, but if anyone has the definitive fix I'd be grateful. I also set up a Restore script for the clients to use, but was startled to see that if I clicked on a folder to not be included, I had to wait until the box went blue before clicking on another one, otherwise I got the SPOD and had to eventually force-quit Retrospect. Is this normal with R8.1?


Just another small question, but in the 'old days' the client software would allow you to shut the computer down once the backup had gone ahead. Does anyone know if this will be added back in soon?



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