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Unable to stop Retrospect from backing up Temporary Internet files


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Hello and excuse my newbie naivete

I am using Retrospect Backup 7.6.123 on an XP pro computer. I have the backup configured to include all files all folders "name matches anything" but always exclude:


windows is recycling bin

or matching

Windows file path matches pattern e:\[folder name]

or etc etc (a bunch of other specific path exclusions such as game folders)and then the last entry is:

or matching Windows is Temporary Internet files


Notwithstanding this I can observe Retrospect bloating the back up set every night by 500 mb or so of files that can only be temporary internet files (htm, jpg and other observable references to pages visited in the course of the day)


No matter what I have done in many attempts to modify the exclusion line the program resolutely backs up the unwanted files.


Can anyone please tell me what I have to do step by step (even if it means going back to scratch with the configuration) to stop this waste of space and backup time?


Thank you,

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Is it possible that these files are temporary internet files that are being saved in a location other than the specific "Temporary Internet Files" folder? You can verify this by browsing the backup set (or session) contents in hierarchical view. In this way, you should be able to determine exactly what folder is involved and how you want to approach exclusions.

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