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Multiple jobs on same source not running


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I apologize if this has been answered, but I just upgraded to 8 after getting a new Snow Leopard XServe.


I have one large volume that contains my data and am backing it up to a NAS and another drive. When I try to run multiple concurrent jobs, I get a message that says the second job is waiting on the volume that is the source for both jobs to be released by the first job (script).


Anyways, I read that I can't write to the same media set simultaneously, but can I not read from the same source simultaneously. This was among my primary reason for upgrading, so will be very disappointed if they can't run side-by-side.


I am on 10.6.2 on an XServe with 6 GB of RAM. I have it set to use up to 8 threads. Running 8.1 (build 626)

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can I not read from the same source simultaneously...?


Not having the horsepower to do multiple execution units I can't test, but it wouldn't surprise me if you can't use the same _volume_ as a Source concurrently.


But can you use two Favorite Folders on the same logical volume at the same time? Or does your backup plan require you to be using the entire root of the volume for both backups?




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