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Recatalog Fails on NAS

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I have a NAS which is located remotely from Retrospect on a T1 (which is not used at night except for the backup). After having some catalog errors/problems I attempted a catalog repair but it always tells me "The selected disk does not contain any Backup Set data files, please select another disk." in spite of the fact that I can navigate to the same path and see that there are such files.

Someone in another post mentioned working around a similar problem by connecting by USB directly into the NAS and/or copying the backup set to a USB drive and repairing from that. Neither of those is a practical option in this case.


Is there something else we can do about this? We do not have the payed upgrade as yet, would that fix it?





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(1) what version of Retrospect (x.x.x) do you have?


(2) How is the volume shared from the NAS? (what type of filesystem? What version of that filesystem? (e.g., NTFS x, SMB x, etc.))


(3) could it be a permissions / ACL issue? Browsing may use a different interface than used by Retrospect.


(4) Rather than trying to back up to the NAS as a destination, what happens if you try to copy one of the backup set data files with Retrospect's "copy" (duplicate) function? That might provide some insight into the permissions issue.



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This is Retrospect 7.6.123.


The NAS's file system is FAT32.


The share is at \\some-NAT-IP\backup (the sparse iomega NAS interface has a "shares" page to which backup was added, retrospect makes its own folders from there). At one point I was using I:\Retrospect (so the files are actually \Retrospect\Retrospect and a Windows share to \\some-NAT-IP\backup but switched to the UNC trying to fix some of these issues.)


I don't *think* that this is a permissions issue because it generally works with Retrospect. That is, I am able to backup to and restore from sets on this "share", it's just that when something goes wrong and I want to recatalog I cannot.


If I copy a file from the NAS to the local drive and have it recatalog, it works fine (even with just one file it knows the name of the backup set to associate itself with). (I copied the file with Windows and recataloged from there, I did not see an internal copy function except for whole sets or snapshots).




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In my experience not every NAS will work correctly with Retrospect. While copying between a PC and a NAS might work (actually this is the prime reason to be for such a NAS) programs sometimes need more refined ways of reading and writing information to such a device. Most NASses (how do you write that exactly in English?) are Linux based and might not be 100% compatible with SMB/CIFS. Something you won't really notice in normal life but might be a problem in this case.


What brand and type NAS do you use?

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