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"Cannot connect to Retrospect"


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Oh lovely. Now, when attempting to start Retrospect from the desktop icon or start menu, I get a dialog from the Retrospect monitor that says "Cannot connect to Retrospect." Strangely, directly invoking retrospect.exe from the Program Files folder does the same thing.


These problems are really starting to get irksome, as Retrospect was pretty darn stable till this version. :angryred:

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Additional fun fact. The last backup Retrospect ran was on 1/1. Since then, nada. Edit: Rebooting resolved the problem. However, there is no indication in System or Application logs as to why Retrospect just died on 1/1 (machine was unattended till 1/3).


Gee, it's good I don't rely on this software to protect my data. smirk on>

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