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Retrospect 6.0: Have .RBC file but missing .RDB sets


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Greetings - I am new to the forum and I am not sure if I am posting in the right place, but I am trying to restore files in Retrospect 6.0 and need assistance.


Basically, I have a .rbc file called "Backup Set E.rbc," which includes several files in the following order:






all the way to AA000363.rdb


Apparently, all the .rdb files prior to 180 were deleted, so I am having trouble recovering various files in the Catalog. When I go to Configure --> Backup Sets and then browse through the sessions and snapshots, I can see the files are there, but when I try to retrieve them I get error messages indicating I have missing backup sets.


Since I have the .rbc file, can I go back and create the missing .rdb files? Do I need to do a Catalog rebuild?


Any help is greatly appreciated - many thanks, Mike


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Could you tell us a little about your configuration?


(1) specific version of Retrospect (x.x.x)

(2) exact OS version?

(3) some hardware specifics?


I suspect that you are posting in the wrong forum, but I need the configuration information above to be sure so that I could point you in the right direction.


I suspect, though, that you are hosed.


All of the backup data (files, metadata, etc.) is in the .rdb files which, taken together, comprise Retrospect's database. If the rdb files are missing, there's no hope.


The "catalog" file (.rbc) is simply an index into the database, telling where the different files are so that Retrospect can retrieve them. The catalog can be recreated or rebuilt. However, if the data is missing, well, you are SOL.


Use your alternate backup set. You do have one, don't you? If you don't, it's just as if you lost the drive with all of your backup data.


You can, of course, rebuild the catalog to retrieve those few files in the .rdb members you have, but the files in the missing .rdb members are gone.



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