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Retrospect Engine/Console can't see Client


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I'm setting up Retrospect 8.1.626 on a MBP running OS X 10.6.2. I have Retrospect Client 6.3.027 running on another MBP with OS X 10.6.2. The router is a Time Capsule.


In setting this up, I can't get the Console/Engine to see the Client. I've clicked Sources -> Add, but then the spinning clockface comes on & no client shows up. I can Add Source Directly, but I'd rather not lock my Client to a particular IP address since it sometimes connects via Airport & sometimes via Ethernet (hence with different static or DHCP-reserved IP addresses).


All firewalls are off for the purposes of trying to get this to work. The client computer has been connected via Airport & Ethernet. The Engine computer is via Airport. The Client software has been deleted & reinstalled. The computers have been restarted. All no luck.


I remember having this issue with Retrospect 6 & I think it was solved by putting the client onto Ethernet for the initial access. Doesn't seem to be working now.


Anyone else seen this?

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Try turning the console off and then on, and see if the clients are then "seen" via multicast. That's worked for me at times. Clients not being "seen" easily is, I hope, one of the bugs squashed in the next release. If not, try giving the client a fixed address, and then adding the client by address.

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Thanks. Tried the console thing, if you mean quitting it then restarting. Also tried restarting both involved machines. In the end, I gave the client computer a fixed IP address via a DHCP reserved table & am connecting to it using this. However, if the client computer connects via Ethernet rather than Airport to the network, it gets a different DHCP-allocated IP address & can't be found.


Of course, the alternative is to ignore DHCP & set the client computer up with a manually-allocated IP address, but this requires the user to set the computer location manually everytime she enters or leaves this particular network... Quite frankly, it's not going to happen & I'm going to keep getting calls asking why the computer can't connect to one network or another.

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