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New client option in ver 7.7 'Enable Wake-on-LAN'


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in version 7.7 professional there is a new checkbox labeled 'Enable Wake-on-LAN' on the Client -> Properties -> General tab. This is not documented in the 7.5 manual or the 7.7 release notes. Does anybody know what this checkbox does? It does not enable Wake-on-lan on the client.


Thank you

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Sorry, we do not yet run 7.7 (Multi Server) due to reliability issues, so I'm only speculating here.


Did you enable WOL on the client machine? It needs to be activated in both the client machine's BIOS options and OS to make WOL work in general.


I didn't know this is a new option for 7.7. We've been asking for this feature for a long time. I'm glad EMC did include this! :-)

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