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Backup or Duplicate?


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Hi...new to the forum. Just purchased an Iomega 1TB Prestige external desktop hard drive, and downloaded the EMC Retrospect Express for Windows. Wow, what a nice looking solid unit this Iomega is.


Had the option to download the Express HD for Windows, but didn't really see any differences so went with Express. I am running Windows XP SP 3 on a Dell 8200.


I just completed my first backup from my PC to my Iomega (took 10 hours,) and everything seemed to work beautifully. I then opened my backup file and discovered multiple 600 meg backup files. I like to be able to confirm that all my files/changes are there and I can't do that with this type of backup.


O.K., now my question. If I use the "Duplicate" method of backing up vs. the "Backup" method I can check my files and folders, but are there any other advantages or disadvantages to using one method or the other?

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O.K., I found a tutorial on this topic. I have included a link if anyone is interested: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=1061&p=2


Apparently you can use the restore function to search for files from within the backup sets. And, the backup function saves ALL copies so you can restore to any of them. This would come in handy if you accidentally save and backup a damaged or incomplete file...just restore a copy from prior to the bad save.


So it looks like "backup" is the way to go.



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