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Events not working all the time


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I'm running Retrospect 7.0.xxx on a Windows Small Business Server 2003


I have the email notification setup and sometimes I stop receiving email notifications. When this happens I check the history tab (under Activity Monitor) I see an entry every time the backup runs. But I see no entry on the events tab.

On the image below you will see 4 entries on the events tab but under the history tab you will see all the entries that should appear on the events tab and I should also have received email reminders for them. I have looked in the KB but can't find anything on this problem. Any ideas why this is?



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I see that you are missing several "Events". But if you have a History entry, then you can click on the entry and then select the "Log" button to see what was going on. I was just curious if you had examined the logs for each item to see if there was any unusual entries/errors that might help identify the cause of the problem.



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It definitely could be. That is older version of Retrospect. The 7.5 Read me says this under bug fixes:


"E-mail notifications not working: This version of Retrospect fixes an issue that, in some cases, caused e-mail notifications to fail when users did not provide SMTP authentication information."


Do an "Exact Phrase" search in the KB for "EMC Retrospect 7.5 for Windows Read Me".


I didn't see anything that describes the exact problem you are having though.



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