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Rather desperate! Backing up to the wrong disk


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Hi. I posted this to the wrong forum originally, and I gather it's useful for you to know I'm running Retrospect Express on a Vista 32-bit system, and it was my INTENTION to back up weekly to my iomega hard drive:


I've been struggling with Retrospect, trying to understand the Help files, and I'm stuck. I just found out that my Backup Set B was being done to my local computer since April last year, such that I've almost used up all my disk space. There are 60 GB in the "catalog"(?) file - is that the right term? I have an external drive that I thought I was backing up to weekly - I was with Backup Set A, but not B. I tried the Duplicate feature to take all of backupB off my local drive and put it on my iomega hard drive, but now I'm not sure how to use that duplicated material. In other words, I can't use Find File on it so how do I access what's in there? I really want to delete the 60 GB worth of Retrospect backups that's on my local drive, but I'm concerned about trashing something that's in there that I may need.


Can someone suggest how I should proceed? I'm foundering here. I've been reading instructions to the point where my head's spinning and I can't make head or tail of them anymore! :confused:


- Linda


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