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Selectors in Windows 7


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I recently upgraded to version 7.7 and added a Windows 7 client. The backup is running on a Win XP machine.


It appears that Microsoft have arbitrarily rearranged where user's Application Data is saved in Windows 7. I used a script the same as I have used previously for an XP client and found that the selection "Windows is Application Data" puts nothing in the backup. Poking round the Client machine I see the "Application Data" folder is empty and there is a new folder named "AppData" which contains what I would have expected to find under Application Data, but Retrospect did not recognize it. There may well be other gratuitous changes of this kind which break the built in selectors.


Is there any plan to update the selectors?


For now I'm going to do a full backup just to be on the safe side. Increadibly, the super stripped down "Windows 7 Non-starter Edition" still seems to need nearly 100K files!


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