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Get emails that backup has failed


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I use Retroexpress 2.5.125 that I got with my iomega ix2 + windows 7.

I have scheduled a full system backup once a day.


I get an email indicating that the backup failed for every backup that is made, but the log file is showing no problems.


I removed all the backups + the info in the programdata directory and configured a new backup schedule but it didn't help.


Here is the result:


Recieved on 13:52


The '28-12-2009' backup client failed to complete its backup/restore operation.


This is an automated message sent from your 'io-storage' device. Please do not reply to this message.


Device Information:,, Iomega StorCenter ix2, 00D0B8034811



Log File:



+ $[15]Retrospect Express HD$[16] version 2.5.125

Automatically launched at 28-12-2009 8:13

Code JLV9-KJAL-Q6DC-S75R for $[*!20926,,14,+3]$[15]Express HD$[16] was successfully added.


+ Normal backup using $[1]DirectBackup$[2] at 28-12-2009 8:15

To Backup Set $[01]$[*!20825,,14,+3]FRANS-PC$[02]...

* Resolved container FRANS-PC to 2 volumes:

$[*!20612,,14,+3]ACER (C:)

$[*!20611,,14,+3]DATA (D:)


- 28-12-2009 8:15:21: Copying $[*!20612,,14,+3]ACER (C:)

28-12-2009 9:50:54: Snapshot stored, 117,1 MB

28-12-2009 9:52:19: Comparing $[*!20612,,14,+3]ACER (C:)

28-12-2009 11:20:55: Execution completed successfully $[129064617212510000]

Completed: 62946 files, 22,0 GB, with 52% compression

Performance: 231,3 MB/minute (209,4 copy, 254,2 compare)

Duration: 03:05:34 (00:04:45 idle/loading/preparing)



- 28-12-2009 11:20:56: Copying $[*!20611,,14,+3]DATA (D:)

28-12-2009 12:33:50: Snapshot stored, 5.121 KB

28-12-2009 12:34:03: Comparing $[*!20611,,14,+3]DATA (D:)

28-12-2009 13:51:55: Execution completed successfully $[129064728560420000]

Completed: 24045 files, 8,2 GB, with 6% compression

Performance: 111,8 MB/minute (116,2 copy, 107,7 compare)

Duration: 02:30:58 (00:01:04 idle/loading/preparing)


28-12-2009 13:51:57: Execution completed successfully

Total performance: 177,1 MB/minute with 38% compression

Total duration: 05:36:33 (00:05:50 idle/loading/preparing)



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I have the EXACT same issue but with an IX2-200 2TB.

Really? EXACT same issue? Could you provide some details of the version of Retrospect (x.x.x) and OS version on your computer? Depending on those details, it might not be the same issue even though the observed behavior is the same.



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I'm running the following:



Windows 7 Ultimate

Retrospect Express HD 2.5.125 (Bundled with CD from IX2-200)



IX2-200 2TB Iomega Storcenter Firmware


So I click backup now in Retrospect and it does its thing preparing > copying > finishing giving me the ok. Now I go to the retrospect clients option on the NAS device and it tells me:


8-1-2010(Off Line) 01/08/2010 8:54 pm Backup Failed 18 GB.







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