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Idea for a Manual...


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So here goes:


There are obviously some really smart, talented people in this forum that use Retrospect. These people have quite a bit of experience using various versions of Retrospect but without a manual it's a matter of trial, error, and this forum to figure out how to use the software.


Is there anybody out there who would be willing to write a manual of things that we have learned so far. A sort of RetroWiki if you will. This is a lot to ask for anyone so I propose approaching EMC for a fee to write it. It doesn't seem unreasonable to get compensation for this. As for the reality of getting paid even a little, who knows. I understand the implications of EMC actually supporting a user created manual.


I would be interested in doing this myself but I know barely enough to get my own software running, much less write a basic manual.


If you all think I'm a fool for even suggesting this, you're probably right.


What do you think?

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Great suggestion! Seems that I made this same suggestion months ago:

Suggest forum-maintained Wiki manual


Suggest forum-maintained Wiki manual


But I won't (can't) take on any responsibility for maintaining it, and I could see flame wars and editorial comments developing on certain topics, particularly where the UI is terrible and the design is bad. It would need to be moderated, and that's a big job.


One comment from EMC about why it is taking so long is that the product keeps changing. To me, that indicates lack of a design review / spec on the front end.


In less than two weeks, the product will have been out for a year, and it's over four months since the EMC Director of Retrospect Product Development indicated the manual would be finished "in about a month." See the second link above.


I know that the Retrospect support team is as frustrated as the users are, which is why I think the Wiki idea is a good one. It's certainly better than nothing, which is what we have now.



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