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Stuck on Interactive mode

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I'm trying to run a backup job on our 24-slot library and have no desire to drive to the location to click "Proceed" for every tape change.


It seems like the script is "stuck" on Interactive mode - when I choose "Unattended" from the menu it asks for the admin password, and then stays on "Interactive".


This happens whether I launched the script manually or as part of a schedule.


Retrospect 6.1.230

Driver Update

Mac OS X Server 10.5.8

Dual 2.66 GHz Xeon, 4GB RAM

Tandberg StorageLibrary T24 with IBM HH LTO4 SCSI drive, latest firmware for both.


Time to go home now, I spent 3 hours on making Retrospect change one LTO tape..


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It's not clear what you are doing here. I have never had to click "Proceed" for every tape change.


What do you have set for Special > Preferences > Unattended ?


Just what "Menu" are you using to choose "Unattended" ?


Is this a backup server script or a scheduled script?


Perhaps have you chosen to "Lock Application" so that the password is needed?



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We use scheduled scripts.


While a job is running, there is a Control menu, and under it "Run interactively" and "Run unattended". Ever since I noticed that option, I've never seen or been able to switch it to "Unattended."


I'll look at the settings later once the job is complete. Due to other issues I intend to trash the preference files anyway, maybe it has to do with this too.




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