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Script sources change randomly after every run

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To reproduce, I create a script with several volumes, and run it. It backs up the correct sources. The next time I'll look at it, it will feature a completely different list of sources, which seems random.


All the volumes are xsan folders defined as subvolumes, which is what I need to backup.


This started appearing a few months ago, perhaps after an OS or xsan upgrade. I'll never know for sure, because for weeks I thought it was another technician was modifying the scripts (it wasn't).


Now we're increasing our backup usage and I'm tired of redoing scripts. How can this be fixed?




Retrospect 6.1.230

Driver Update

Mac OS X Server 10.5.8

Dual 2.66 GHz Xeon, 4GB RAM

Tandberg StorageLibrary T24 with IBM HH LTO4 SCSI drive, latest firmware for both.


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Perhaps your config file (in /Library/Preferences/Retrospect) is corrupt. I've never seen this in many years.


To test if that is the problem, with Retrospect quit, move the existing config file to the desktop (so that Retrospect can't find it on launch, and so you can move it back if this isn't the problem), then launch Retrospect, re-enter license code and your subvolumes and scripts, etc. Sadly, there is no export/import of script stuff.


If it works, well, then there is something corrupt about your config file.


If you still have the same problem, quit Retrospect and move the saved config file back.


I assume that this is a scheduled script, not a backup server script, right?



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