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Cannot Auto-Exit nor Shutdown after Duplicate


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Hi All,

I am new to the forum. I have used Retrospect Express for a couple of months now, it came with my Iomega external hard drive. I am happy with the relative simplicity. I started using the backup but then decided to change to Duplicate so I can see and use the copies readily with any Windows product.


My problem is that Startup Preferences does not function for me. The GUI will never exit nor shutdown after the scripts are complete. I recently added the wShutdown utility and that had no impact. I am running v7.6.123.


My daily backup process includes 2 scripts. One for my C drive and one for my D drive.


The goal is to have my system sleep at 10pm (normally), have Retrospect wake up and run, then have it exit when complete and resume sleep. I have the first part working fine, I put Retrospect in the Windows Scheduler and checked "wake up to run". That works. The Duplicates work, and my GUI is always there in the morning with the Activity monitor screen...


Instead if I can get Retrospect to exit and trigger a script that contains the Sleep command I am home free.


Thanks for your help!




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