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Cannot unlock media set


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Cannot unlock a media set. Typing in the correct password and it just does nothing. 10.5.8. Build 626 of Retro 8.1. MacBook Pro 4,1. Had just successfully done a total disk restore from the media set in question; now I can't unlock the media set. Ideas? Media set is on a USB2 HDD. Catalog is on the local HD. For those who looked at my recent post about a good total disk restore, I can't unlock the backup media set from when booted from my somewhat-hosed internal drive or when booted from the restored drive (which seems to work perfectly).


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I should have given a few more specifics here. The backup set had been used for about a dozen smart incrementals with no problem unlocking it with the password. Just used it 24 hours ago to do a total disk restore that worked well. Now can't unlock it to continue backing up to it.

-Where might the password be kept? Somewhere in the media set itself? If so, why cannot I start the process of just re-cataloging it. Can't even unlock the media set to re-catalog it.

-If the password is kept in the catalog, does moving the catalog to another location cause some loss of connection; if so, how to re-pair the catalog and the media set.

-If there is a back door, I doubt EMC2 would publish it (or disseminate it privately?)

-Thanks to all. Now that my successful total disk restore occurred, my frustrations with 8.1.626 return. No other backup software I know of offers dual, rotating (one offsite, via sneakernet) encrypted, backups with the ability to search an entire media set for every version of document x and restore just the one from day y that you want.


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-If there is a back door' date=' I doubt EMC2 would publish it (or disseminate it privately?)[/quote']

There is no back door.


For some reason, I just had this bit of dialogue flash into my brain, taken from the excellent movie "The Princess Bride":


"Give us the gate key!" Inigo demands.


"I have no gate key." the guard protests.


"Fezzig, tear his arms off." Inigo commands the giant.


"Oh, you mean this gate key..."


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