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Retrospect Crashed? Asking for product key


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I noticed that retrospect was stuck on 'building snapshot' for one of our clients. I attempted to stop retrospect with no luck. So I rebooted the server. (microsoft fix all)


Upon reboot I launched Retrospect to find a "Getting Started with Retrospect" window waiting for me. It is now asking for my application license code.


I didn't want to proceed until I know that all of my snapshots and retrospect data have not been lost. What is the solution to this problem? And...what the heck happened? Does anyone know?



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Thanks rhwalker! Following the below steps worked beautifully for me.


1) Do NOT enter a new license code if Retrospect is requesting a new code, this will result in the backup copy of the preferences to become overwritten.

2) Go to documents and settings/all users/application data/Retrospect

3) Check the modification and creation dates for the configXX.dat and configXX.bak. If the .bak file modify/creation date matches the modify date for the .dat file, then your backup copy of the preferences has probably been overwritten by the corrupt copy of the .dat file.

4) Rename the configXX.dat file to configXX.old.

5) Rename the configXX.bak file to configXX.dat

6) Launch Retrospect.

7) If Retrospect stops asking for a license code and still contains your custom settings, then you have corrected the problem.

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