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Schedlued Backups Randomly Working

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OS X Server 10.4.11 and Retrospect 6.1.230


We have 4 scripts that backup to tapes each week. Tapes rotate, Week1, Week2, etc.

The scripts are schedule to run at 11:00 PM each night.


Sometime the scripts work and sometime they don't even launch.


There are no entries in the Retrospect log.


We have repaired permission and updated Retrospect.


Thought about running Diskwarrior, thats next.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Yea, there's a known bug in Retrospect 6.1 that has existed for years. Because Retrospect 6.1 is dead and is no longer being developed, it's not going to be fixed.


Here's the bug, which hits us about once a month:


Somehow, for unknown reasons, the "retrorunfile" that handles the scheduled autolaunch becomes corrupted. Again, it's a bug that has existed for years; many fixes have been attempted by the Retrospect programmer(s), but none have cured the problem.


When it happens (I notice it when the daily email reports stop), here is the workaround/fix:


(1) quit Retrospect, if it is running.


(2) delete the file:



(3) launch Retrospect, and it will automatically recreate the "retrorunfile"


(4) quit Retrospect


After this rubber chicken dance, scheduled backups should work until the next time the retrorunfile becomes corrupted.


Oh, it helps to utter the magic chant "Boole and Babbage" while doing this procedure.


Good luck.



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