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Want to verify backup/restore works as should


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I decided to test my backup by doing a restore to a new folder which places it in the root of my internal drive (not sure if there's a way to change this to say put the restore on the desktop).


When I go to do a restore, it gives me a Media Set A and says where do you want to restore from and it says the name is volumes/Macintosh HD. Media set A's target is an external drive Data Backup. Then I go into the browse to pick the files (this seems to take quite a while for the files to show) and I notice in the Home Folder some items are marked green and some are not. Can anyone tell me what this means if anything. The ones that are marked green happen to have the file I wanted to restore. I choose this then move on to where to restore files to and choose my internal drive. It restores. I checked a file that I excluded from the backup and it wasn't there to restore. I also checked a file that wasn't marked green and it restored. I decided to check the file I excluded and it wouldn't restore.


So I'm thinking that all is working as it should. Retrospect is a bit of a complicated beast and I just want to make sure I'm getting the backups right so that if I do need to do a restore it will work.

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