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memory pool missing

Kim Birk

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Problem "memory pool missing"


I have made a upgrade from Retrospect v.6 to v.8.1.626, and installed as a fresh set up, with new catalog.


I try to backup 4 local "Favorite" folders. In the log file it backup the first folders without problems, but failed after compleded the second folders.


My backup server is a Xserve G5, 2.3 GHz with 2GB memory, there are running on OSX 10.5.8


Logs from Retrospect……


+ Recycle backup using Backup_2010 at 11/20/2009 6:28 AM

To Media Set Backup_2010...

11/20/2009 6:28:16 AM: Recycle backup: The Media Set was reset

- 11/20/2009 6:28:16 AM: Copying FILE_arkiv

11/20/2009 6:56:59 AM: Snapshot stored, 5527 KB

11/20/2009 6:57:02 AM: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 15879 files, 64.0 GB

Performance: 3065.5 MB/minute

Duration: 00:28:45 (00:07:22 idle/loading/preparing)


- 11/20/2009 6:57:02 AM: Copying DS_Arkiv

lmNeeded: memory pool missing, needed = 216, nsp->start = -2136735744, nsp->end = -1935400192, nsp->count = -114819072, nsp->flags = 0x4000000


!Can't save Catalog File, error -625 ( unknown)

11/20/2009 9:59:02 AM: Execution incomplete

Completed: 81170 files, 885.2 GB

Performance: 5076.4 MB/minute

Duration: 03:02:00 (00:03:26 idle/loading/preparing)


11/20/2009 9:59:03 AM: Execution incomplete

Total performance: 4861.1 MB/minute

Total duration: 03:30:45 (00:10:49 idle/loading/preparing)


Please help.... Regards

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