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Using Retrospect to make 3rd copy in cloud


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i finally found a cloud storage provider that has pricing that is palatable to me and need to now find a way to get my backup data offsite for DR purposes.


I currently backup my SOHO environment using RS to a local NAS device. i would like to then do a backup set clone job, and send the catalogue files and data files offsite to the cloud (encrypted at highest levels offered [256 AES] by RS first).


Has anyone else done this yet, or is this even possible to accomplish from inside RS/



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I have had good luck using BatchSync Secure for this. You need to be careful not to touch files that are in use, or you can corrupt the backup set. I accomplish this two ways:


1) Tell BatchSync not to touch files that have been modified within the last hour.


2) Don't schedule transfers on days that groom jobs run.

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This sounds simular to what I'm doing at our office. I'm using ReadyNAS storage boxes, which have built-in rSync-over-SSH capabilities to pull the data from our network nightly.


Our 'off site' NAS box should be arriving in the next couple of days, so I can test how well the RS storage mechanism and rSync play together.



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