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IBM TS3100 SAS Autoloader support in 7.6 Multi?

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I have an IBM TS3100 SAS with 24-slot library and LTO4 tape drive, with 7.6 Multiserver, and Autoloader (tape library) doesn't show up at all, only tape drive, so I'm guessing Autoloader isn't supported in SAS for the IBM TS3100 (SAS version isn't showing up in supported devices on website)?


Windows 2003 R2 Server x64

Retrospect Multiserver 7.6.123

Driver Upd/Hotfix


SAS Controller:

SuperMicro AOC-USAS-S4i Raid Controller

Driver: Adaptec 4/2/2008


In Retrospect, I get this in Devices:

Vendor: IBM

Product: ULT3580-TD4

Version: 89B2

Driver: IBM Ultrium 4DC (1.41)


But no Tape Library shows up.


I had some trouble finding the right driver to work Windows x64, but that is resolved now, and everything works in web interface to TS3100.


Is support for IBM TS3100 SAS Autoloader planned in Retrospect in near future?


It's looking like I made a poor choice in selecting the TS3100 SAS model as opposed to LDV or FC.



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