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Configuring an unsupported CD-RW drive to run in Retrospect 6


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I made this post originally in July 2008 and nobody responded, so I am having another try in the hope that I will be lucky!


After going through the different stages of configuring an unsupported CD-RW drive in which I am asked to insert the CD-RW media back in the drive several times and get all the appropriate messages telling me everything is going well I finally get the message:-


"Retrospect has successfully configured your CD-RW drive for backup. It is recommended that you make a backup with verification turned on to ensure that Retrospect works properly with this device"


Then when I try to do the backup with the allegedly newly configure drive the old dreaded message comes back again "This drive has not been configured by Retrospect. Click Configure to customise this CD-RW drive for use with Retrospect," and I am back to square one!


When I check the Status tab in Storage Devices it states "No Backup Devices Found."


Why am I being told in the first instance that the drive has been configured, and then finding that this is not the case?

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