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restore repeatedly fails error-34 volume full

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A month ago I had to restore a backup from a removable disk set to a new (new to me, but second-hand) intel imac. it worked fine. Now the 250g drive in that iMac has failed and I have replaced it with a new 500g. Following instructions I reinstalled leopard and updated to same as dead disk - 10.5.8. All goes smoothly on restore until it suddenly stops with message in log:

- 5/11/2009 12:14:43: Restoring from MWF…

Can't write file “libHPIOnetsnmp.5.dylibâ€, error -34 (volume full), path: “Michael's Disk/Library/Frameworks/HPServicesInterface.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libHPIOnetsnmp.5.dylibâ€.

Trouble writing files, error -34 (volume full).

This has happened three times and I do not know what is the cause. Disk isn't full - there's 300g available. What makes it worse is that the iMac refuses to startup and the sytems have to be reinstalled each time. Any ideas what can be causing this?

I read in one post about a '.DS_' file being the cause, but I don't seem to have on on my backup? Any other workable solutions?


(sorry for dual post, I think I originally put this in wrong forum)

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