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Damaged DVD cd

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I am using retrospect 6.1138 on a mac.

Ok, then you are posting in the wrong forum. This is the Retrospect 8.x for Macintosh forum, and you have Retrospect 6.1.x. Advice given here is not applicable to your version of Retrospect.


The correct forum would be here:

Retrospect 6.x forum


Admittedly, the name of the Retrospect 6.x forum is misleading ("Desktop, Workgroup and Server for Mac OS X"). Many suggestions have been made to clean up the names so that there is less confusion, but nothing has happened.


As a hint, though, next time you post in that forum (or any of the forums here), start your initial post off with configuration information:

Version of Mac OS X

Hardware you have


If you have Retrospect 6.x or earlier, also post:

Retrospect version (x.x.x)

Retrospect Driver Update ("RDU") version


If you have Retrospect 8.x or later, also post:

Retrospect engine version (x.x.x)

Retrospect console version (x.x.x)


It's not helpful to simply say "latest version".


By the way, your version of Retrospect 6.x is quite out of date. You might want to install the last released version of Retrospect 6.x and the last released RDU for Retrospect 6.x. Free updates are here:

Retrospect updates



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