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Using Retropect8.1, Quantum LTO4, ATTO H380


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First, please excuse me for my english. I will try to explain the clearer i can.

I use retrospect 8.1 on a macpro Intel 10.5.8 full of ram. With an Atto card, the H380, whith the last drivers. Until here every thing is fine.

But when i open Retrospect and go to "Unités de Stockage", i only see the Quantum drive but i DO NOT see the entire library with the 16 slots. Some friend who got almost the same configuration can see this Library. Whe check the différence beetween the config : Apparently Nothing.


Do i forgot something ?


And :

As i can't see this library, it's seems that i can't check (because it's non editable) the case where i ask to read the barecode of the LTO-4 cardrige.


And so on : I NEED to store a folder bigger than 3Go. So it's 4 cardridge whithout compression.

I do the backup: 20 hours. In sequential mode, the cardrige comes one after one in the drive. At the end, i had to manually re move the first one in the drive for the comparison. Big failure DRV COMM FAILURE Type (6E) : Impossible to find Type(6E) in the manual. I shut down every thing.

When i power on the quantum and then the MacPro, i start retrospect to check if i can recover a saved file. But whithout the barecode i can't know in which one is the little file....


PS : In the configuration page of the Quantum, on the web interface, the barecode is enable.


If some one have a or the solution.





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Hello Russ.


I got this :


SAS Domain 1 :


Fournisseur : ATTO Technology

Produit : ATTO ExpressSAS H380

Révision : 0

Bus : PCI

Emplacement : Slot-4

Identifiant d’initiateur : 65536


SCSI Target Device @ 0 :


Adresse SAS : 50:0E:09:E0:00:1B:DD:59

Identifiant de cible SCSI : 0

Type du périphérique SCSI : 1

Fabricant : QUANTUM

Modèle : ULTRIUM 4

Révision : 2210


SCSI Logical Unit @ 0 :


Numéro d’unité logique SCSI : 0


What is a "LUN misconfiguration".


What is surprising is that the Apple resealer

tested the Quaantum with the ATTO H380 card on a MacPro in is office and he tell me he got the Library of the Quantum in Retrospect. He use the same systeme, the last driver of the H380 and the same version of EMC Retrospect.


So i suppose there is a probleme of config on my MacPro. But witch one ?






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SCSI Logical Unit @ 0 :


Numéro d’unité logique SCSI : 0


What is a "LUN misconfiguration".

It's a "Logical Unit Number". SCSI is a bag of screaming cats. Some devices have a single SCSI address ("SCSI Target Device") with multiple "Logical Units" (0, 1, 2, ...) at that single SCSI address, other devices use multiple SCSI addresses, with one for each "device" (one SCSI address for the Library, one SCSI address for the tape drive, etc.).


It all depends on what your devices require.


ATTO does have a configuration tool:

ATTO H380 Configuration Tool


and it might be helpful to post screen shots of what that Config tool shows attached to the H380. We haven't discussed the specifics of your driver or firmware versions, but I assume that you are up to date. Check that ATTO downloads page for versions, etc.


It might also be helpful for you to post the Apple System Profiler report that the Apple reseller sees on his computer that can see the Library.


In sequential mode, the cardrige comes one after one in the drive.

I don't think that Retrospect wants the library to be in sequential mode. Retrospect wants to randomly access the library, and is more powerful than most backup software on that point, handling the tape movement itself rather than having the library switch each tape to the next one when the current tape becomes filled. Consult your Apple reseller for how the library needs to be configured.


I think that you are at the point where a support call to EMC support would be helpful. Or a call to ATTO support, because you don't yet seem to be to the point where it's a Retrospect issue. If the Apple System Profiler doesn't show the library in the device tree that was built at boot time, it's hard to see how Retrospect can see it.


I don't read (or speak) French, and the specifics of your configuration aren't the same as ours.




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